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Healing Bridge Physical Therapy will be downsizing at the end of June 2018. Owner/Founder Allison Suran, PT, GCFP, TPS will continue with a much smaller practice for chronic pain patients.


Unfortunately the stresses and pressures of the medical system have made providing our exceptionally high level of quality care more difficult over the past several years and the owners, Allison and Scott Suran, are not able to continue to meet these demands.


We have been incredibly blessed for the support and commitment of our valued patients for over 20 years. We also know that there are several other high quality clinics that provide excellent care in our community. 


Allison will have a limited schedule for her current patients through the summer while she works on the full transition. If you experience chronic pain and want to be seen by Allison in the future you can leave a message at our office and be put on the wait list. We do not know at this time when Allison will be able to see new patients. We will likely know more at the end of the Summer.


To learn more about Allison’s specialty skills working with the chronic pain population, please refer to the information on this website under the tab “Therapists”.