Who’s driving who crazy? 05/20/2015

May, 2015

One of the things I didn’t realize would be so complicated is not driving. Since it’s my right hip, and a sudden braking could cause pressure into the hip joint, I’m not able to drive myself anywhere.Driver

As usual, Scott is a saint – plus I have help from a number of other sources: My Mother, Father, Mother-in-Law and son, Joshua all live nearby and have been gracious assistants.  However, I do try to schedule everything at one time for going into town to avoid too many trips.  We live about 10 miles north of Bend, so it’s not far, but it’s not something I would want to do more than once a day.

Plus, as I may have mentioned, just showering, dressing and getting everything together to face the world seems like a monumental task. So all of the things I thought I might do during this recovery such as lunches with friends and natural healing appointments, have gone by the wayside. Not to mention that I had planned on getting oh so much accomplished on my plans for my pain class, that early on I realized I needed to be very judicious with my time commitments.

Asking people to drive me also brings up a lot of internal issues about imposing on other people. It’s not just asking for the help, but when I’m at the office there is no guarantee that I can be done at a set time – try as I might. Typically, Scott is used to me coming home in the evening with a 30-60 minute range of when I might actually be able to leave the office to come home. However, I surely don’t expect someone to wait to drive me home for that amount of time while I’m distracted with this and that at the office. 

Hopefully, I’m a week away from being able to drive myself. Oh Joy! Earlier today I was scheduling a morning meeting for myself for next week and crossing my fingers that I won’t have to ask someone to drive me from the meeting place back to the office, and then of course, getting another ride to and from town.

Freedom comes in so many ways and we often don’t know how much we have unless it is taken away. During this little space of time I have realized how easily I take for granted so many seemingly simple freedoms. How awesome it will be to walk without using my (painful) hands, and drive myself wherever I need to go. And I wonder…how long will I remember to soak in the appreciation of the simple life I live, before getting caught back up in the everyday complexities that can distract my focus from gratitude. 

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