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Injury Recovery & Prevention

After you’ve been hurt, we focus on getting you better for the long run. We specialize in the healing of strains, sprains and broken bones, as well as post-surgery care. The research technology has improved dramatically over the past several years, and that allows us to focus treatments proven to significantly enhance your recovery.

Once you’ve been injured, it is crucial that your care not only provide pain relief and tissue healing, but that it also restore normal function so that you regain and maintain the strength, endurance and flexibility needed for return to full activity, and a happy healthy life.

Every person and every injury is unique. Whether you’re recovering from surgery, an acute sprain or strain, or an automobile accident, there are no cookie cutter answers. By constantly evaluating and re-evaluating your condition, we can design a custom plan suited to your individual needs. The specialists at Healing Bridge Physical Therapy assess each joint and muscle, and the inter-relationships between all the parts of the body. By figuring out what’s not working right, we can then eliminate the problem(s). Once the pieces are strong, we help you put it all back together into a functional movement pattern specific to your sports, daily needs, and job requirements.

Treatments may include:

  • Evaluation: Our specific physical therapy evaluation will allow us to pinpoint the deficits that are contributing to your injury. It gives us our starting point and a reference to assess progress.
  • Hands-on manual therapy to decrease pain and swelling and facilitate your healing.
  • Customized home and gym-based exercise programs: For the best results, we will design an individualized program to help you recover from injury, improve strength, balance and coordination, and enhance your ability to perform. What’s more, your licensed therapist will support you with one-on-one expert guidance. Our specialized exercise equipment includes: The Shuttle Balance, gym balls, exercise bikes, Total Gym , BAPS system, Bodyblade™ and more.
  • Aquatic Therapy in our warm, salt-water pool
  • Physical Therapy modalities: The latest technology in cold laser, iontophoresis, TENS, biofeedback, and ultrasound are offered.
  • Experience the difference that custom, one-on-one treatment, special training and services make in your recovery. We focus on your issues and provide you with the treatment and the education that will get you feeling better now, and prevent your re-injury in the future.
  • In short, we want you to leave us in better shape than before you got hurt, with the knowledge you need to stay in tip-top shape and avoid injury in the future. How do we define success? Seeing you out and about in the community, no longer in need of our clinical expertise.

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“ Never live in the past, but always learn from it.”