Interventions for Chronic Pain       aka.       Pain is not “ALL IN YOUR HEAD!”

INTERVENTIONS INCLUDE: (more details below)

-The Feldenkrais Method®                                          -Pain Neuroscience Education

-Mindfulness/Relaxation/Breathing                        -Coaching with Compassion

-Gentle/Custom exercise modified and personalized for and how your unique body responds to change!


THE FELDENKRAIS METHOD®:  Allison completed her 4 year, 800 hour training to become a Feldenkrais practitioner in 1996. Since then she has attended numerous advanced trainings to advance her skills.

Using the Feldenkrais method Allison teaches you how to acquire a relaxed but stable posture and movement with an integrated and supportive connection through your whole body. This includes learning to breathe in a full and natural way while engaging in everyday activities. You will also learn about the habitual and unhelpful ways that you hold or tighten your body during different interactions (work, family, driving, etc) and how to modify or change these patterns.  These subtle but significant changes help alter long-standing body/movement patterns that have contributed to your pain.

The Feldenkrais Method offers hands on interventions, called Functional Integration®, to help long-standing tight and painful muscles relax in order to learn to make these changes. You will also be asked to engage in homework that includes listening to Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® lessons that Allison has recorded from her own classes and offers on CD’s for your home use.

MINDFULNESSIncluding training in RELAXATION, BREATHING & SLEEP practices

If you think Mindfulness is about “quieting your mind” please be open to learning what it REALLY is:

Allison has studied various forms of mindfulness meditation since the 1970’s. Research shows that mindfulness is a key component to learning to enjoy life even amidst struggles and challenges such as chronic pain. Through mindfulness you can learn a different way of thinking about and relating to your pain experience. Mindfulness teaches how to be a compassionate observer of your thoughts and body responses rather than engaging in common reactions of fear, concern, anxiety, frustration, overwhelm, etc… which only serve to exacerbate the brain/pain cycle (from Pain Neuroscience Education).

COACHING WITH COMPASSION: Allison will be your guide and coach to help you through re-thinking your pain. The path is not simple or easy, but pain patients already know this. Allison knows how to work within the medical system while providing support, encouragement, and practical tools to help you move through your pain and find ways to enjoy life again.

Pain vs. Suffering: It has been said that “Life comes with pain, but suffering is optional.” If you are experiencing pain, you may not feel like your suffering is “optional”. However with practice, you can learn to make valuable changes.

PAIN NEUROSCIENCE EDUCATION (PNE) is the foundation for helping understand that your pain is “not all in your head!” Rather, pain that is not resolved within 3-6 months with traditional interventions can begin to create changes in the brain and nervous system that make the pain more easily triggered and more difficult to resolve.

Allison starts working with each patient by educating them on this evidence-based science. Her goal is to make you really smart about pain so you don’t fear it. Fear is a powerful driver of the chronic pain scenario. Allison will help you understand how this fear triggers your fight/flight mechanisms to release the chemicals in your brain that affects your body, pain, movements, posture, everyday activities, exercise and LIFE.



You exercise program is personalized and modified for how your unique body responds to change!

When you hear “exercise”, your body/brain often hears “PAIN!” This comes from years of trial and error, hope and disappointment. Allison helps you find your unique base-line within your schedule, limits and resistances. She will compassionately coach and encourage you to find ways to increase your movement tolerance – whether you want to accomplish basic household tasks, or venture forward into a more active life doing something you love.

HOMEWORK: (ah the dreaded “H” word)

Allison will soothe your body/mind with her touch and her compassionate listening and coaching. However, without a commitment to follow through with your home program, your benefits will be limited. As you read below about the interventions that Allison will teach and guide you in, know that she will help customize her recommendations to your individual life, challenges, schedule, pain-flares, sleeplessness, etc. Each person that Allison works often has years of experience with the chronic pain journey. She understands that you are not the person you were before this all began and will help you find ways to gradually shift back and re-discover your TRUE self again.


Allison has spent 1000’s of hours with other individuals from all walks of life, age, history, etc who are challenged by a life of chronic pain. If you want to change your reaction to pain and learn to respond with healthier choices Allison would enjoy being a part of your team.


People who experience pain that has become chronic did not arrive at this point without having tried numerous interventions. Many have participated in one or more of the following:

  • physical therapy
  • chiropractic,
  • massage,
  • acupuncture,
  • injections,
  • surgery,
  • medication, medication, medication…(UHG)
  • etc…

Allison encourages you: Don’t give up! Every step you have taken to improve yourself and change your pain has been important in your process. Although there is no QUICK FIX, you can change, improve and enjoy life MORE!

"We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves." Galileo Galilei