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July, 2016

Using Pain Neuroscience Education (PNE) (What is PNE link- here)
Allison Suran, PT, GCFP, TPS

I have spent over 30 years learning everything I can about pain. I started studying something called “Explain Pain” in 2008 and immediately knew this was the future of helping people who experience chronic pain. Recently, the International Spine and Pain Institute (ISPI) initiated a 5 month intensive training (partly on-line) to become a Certified Therapeutic Pain Specialist. I jumped at the chance and am awaiting word of my full Certification.

Our Healing Bridge team of therapists is now implementing the Pain Neuroscience Education with all of our chronic pain patients and experiencing excellent results. I will be launching on-going classes for our patients to attend to help them learn not just to manage their chronic pain, but to decrease it while improving their ability to re-engage in life activities. Stay tuned for more information.

Here is a recent success story experienced by Zeyla Brandt, PT with one of her patients:
Betty* is a lovely lady I have had the privilege of treating on several occasions. Betty is a kind, generous, sensitive soul. Her nervous system has also become hyper-sensitive due to on-going pain.
I had just started using the Pain Neuroscience Education (PNE) program with my patients when Betty came to HBPT with a renewed pain problem. Let me clarify: Betty is always in some pain, but she had suffered a setback and came in reporting pain at 9 out of 10.
On the day of the evaluation I addressed the mechanical issue that had sparked the flare up. On day 2 I started the PNE program, and covered the initial key points.
On the third day Betty came in, smiling as usual. I asked her how she was feeling. She said “I am fine. I have no pain!” I clarified that she meant no pain at all. She did.
I asked if she had a sense of what had caused this impressive change in her pain levels. Her response was, “Yes! The PNE education you gave me last time!”
A few days later she confirmed that the pain had not resurfaced. PNE works!
*The name has been changed to protect privacy

Our team looks forward to making an impact on helping people who experience chronic pain so that they can enjoy life again.

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** Pain Neuroscience Education is also known as Therapeutic Neuroscience Education**

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