Nancy Hartung, BS, PTA

BS in Therapeutic Recreation and Certification in Gerontology.

Nancy knew she wanted to work in medicine and client care. She also wanted to provide healthcare to cultivate belief in activity, exercise, and mobility. Physical therapy was a natural.

For more than two decades, Nancy has taken the opportunities to develop her skills in a variety of settings including in-patient rehabilitation, orthopedics, geriatrics, and general outpatient physical therapy. She implements treatment programs to best maximize mobility and function based on each client’s individual lifestyle goals. She also assists in offering programs which incorporate community based resources that encourage clients to integrate wellness into their everyday life. With her background in gerontology, she also enjoys working with our growing senior population.

Nancy, who values health and well-being and self-growth, specializes in adapting P.T. programs for all physical abilities, age, or lifestyle. “I am experienced in providing education and strategies for appropriate postures, body mechanics, and movement patterns that minimize discomfort and optimize mobility,” she says. “I individualize and tailor physical therapy treatments to meet the particular needs and goals of each client.”

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