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NEW, CALM YOUR PAIN – Program Details:


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The Calm Your Pain Program provides a unique small group opportunity to understand your pain and learn to decrease it. Most patients who participate in the Calm Your Pain program will also be receiving one-on-one physical therapy treatments to address individual issues. There are three evidence-based strategies that will be offered in each Calm Your Pain session.

1. Pain Neuroscience Education. (See handout): Research shows that pain can be reduced when people understand how their nervous system has become hyper-sensitive. There are multiple aspects of the brain and nervous system that contribute to the pain experience, and these will be explored in detail.

2. Movement and Exercise: The most important thing for every-body is movement. Yet this can be the most difficult for people in pain to do. Participants will learn different strategies to move and exercise without painful flare-ups.

3. Nervous System Regulation: From Mindfulness to breathing, visualization, relaxation and more, participants will learn a number of different practices that can help calm the brain and nervous system, and thereby decreasing pain.

Each session will have a primary theme for reduction of pain. Each of the 3 strategies above will focus on that theme. For example, the “self-care” session(s) will provide, 1. Education on how finding/making time for your own self-care will help decrease the over-excitement of your brain and nervous system. 2. How to move and/or exercise in a way that is truly beneficial for you and does not cause painful flare-ups. 3. Including calming/relaxation practices in your self-care routine reduces the hyper-sensitivity of the brain and the nervous system.

The Calm Your Pain sessions are intended to be interactive and participatory. Attendee feedback and questions will be encouraged while avoiding individual personal problem sharing. (Individual issues can be addressed during one-on-one treatment sessions). Participants will be given strategies to practice. Results will likely be related to each participant’s ability to make time for their own healing.

In learning and practicing a variety of ways to move and calm your nervous system, you will discover what works best for you in calming your pain. You will be supported in creating a consistent practice so that pain does not interfere with the life you want to live!

Knowledge is a treasure,
But practice is the key to it.
Lao Tzu

Allison Suran, PT, GCFP, TPS*
Since 1987 Allison has been passionate about helping people with persistent pain. There is no mind without a body, nor body without a mind. Therefore all aspects of each person’s individual expression of pain must be addressed to understand the foundations of pain and how to decrease it. Allison is a licensed physical therapist and Certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner who has worked with complex patients throughout her career. Her in-depth studies have focused on interventions that incorporate the whole person, mind and body, and helping her clients discover their own inherent well-being.

As part of your comprehensive physical therapy treatment program The Calm Your Pain sessions can be billed to your insurance. Private pay options are available.

*TPS: Allison received her Certification as a Therapeutic Pain Specialist in June of 2016 from the International Spine and Pain Institute.