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Movement is medicine.

Whether you define movement as playing, gardening, cooking, walking or exercising, moving one’s body is a critical aspect of all our treatments at Healing Bridge. Our work always incorporates movement, exercise and normalizing movement patterns. But how we do that can look very different, since our treatments are individually customized to every single patient’s condition and needs.

Whether you suffer from chronic pain or are dealing with a sports or orthopedic injury, your movement therapy may involve:

  • Feldenkrais to help you sidestep pain by establishing new patterns of movement
  • Balance
  • Exercise programs specific to your activites
  • Aquatics, including decompression through deep-end floating and Watsu, for decompression and a progression into exercise that might not initially be tolerated on land

And once we move past the intervention phase and your recovery is well underway, expect your movement regime to change again when we begin to emphasize prevention. Because the goal at Healing Bridge isn’t just to fix you, it’s to teach you how to live so you never need us again.

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