It’s time to CALM YOUR PAIN

October, 2016

My Calm Your Pain program begins this week and I am excited to see how it unfolds. My FREE Need to Know INTRO classes have been full with people learning that the pain experience involves more than a bio-mechanical diagnosis such as arthritis, bulging discs, meniscus tears, etc. (Details are on the website under the top tab: Our Services, then the right hand tab for Persistent/Chronic Pain).

This program is the accumulation of many years of studying pain and how to calm the brain and nervous system that is part of the pain experience. In my own life, I have had difficulty adhering to a regular calming practice – whether it’s meditation or any number of resources I’ve learned to keep my own system regulated. So I know what it’s like to know what is “good for me” and still not be able to do it.

The patients that I’ve worked with that regularly practice calming strategies such as meditation or Feldenkrais, (or any number of practices) experience great success in decreasing or eliminating their pain. Then there’s the rest of us. Why is it so difficult to find and make the time to take care of ourselves when all of the research shows how beneficial these strategies are? My expectation is that with adequate support, tools, and follow up, participants will be able to make a more consistent commitment to themselves in order to enjoy their lives again.

There is no quick-fix for chronic pain. There are also multiple ways to address ones hypersensitive nervous system. Studies show over and over that learning to attend to ones negative and stressful self-talk, changing the threat and fear that pain and complex diagnosis cause, learning to calm the brain and nervous system, and finding ways to move and exercise without painful flare-ups work!

I hope to be a compassionate guide to program participants as I provide multiple tools and strategies that will allow them to discover which ones work for them. I look forward to sharing more about the unfolding of this journey along with the successes experienced by participants.

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