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“I love Healing Bridge Physical Therapy!”SWS

Until Zeyla explained what was happening with my hip, and gave specific exercises for the problem; I had not had any professional understand my particular situation. WOW! What an eye opening relief that was. She and Nancy have been so helpful in guiding me through the subtle points of actually doing the exercises correctly. I’ve experienced increased strength and ability to do the exercises. This has helped reduce pain and maintains hip stability. Thanks to Healing Bridge for your knowledge and understanding. – Jan St. John

I had inverted my right hip and through therapy with Zeyla, I have slowly been able to start stabilizing it. It has been feeling much better. Thank you!! If I hadn’t relocated, I would still be a patient! – Michelle Cliver

I was referred to Healing Bridge by my current physician. I was crying myself to sleep with severe hip pain. I could not stand at work for more than a couple of hours. My golf game suffered as well. Healing Bridge taught me to pay attention to my body. They gave me the tools and the mind set that I needed to recover and to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Most importantly, I can now continue to work and play golf without discomfort and if I get into trouble again, I will cross the Bridge to Healing. – Louise Devaney

I broke my ankle just after Christmas while running on an icy lake to pluck my dog out from his swimming expedition. I saved the pup but went down in the process. Note to self: no running on ice in Ugg boots. By New Year’s I was in surgery.

Healing Bridge not only helped me rehabilitate my ankle after life in a cast, they got all the muscles in my feet working again as well. It turns out that after weeks in a cast, your foot works more like a club than the flexible appendage we take for granted.

Treatments ranged from massage to water exercises in the 93 degree pool, with chiropractic adjustments, taping and rehab in the gym thrown in. And it worked. NEED I SAY MORE? – Linden Gross

I came to Healing Bridge with a pelvis that was off, lower back, neck, and shoulder pain due to a motor vehicle accident. Zeyla realigned my pelvis. Both Zeyla and Nancy worked with me through education and exercises to help me improve wellness from the pain and reoccurring pain. I felt targeted exercises like keegles, strings, abdomen pull and conscientiousness (timing while washing hands) has really broadened my awareness and conscientious thought process to hopefully continue beyond Healing Bridge therapy in my recovery process.

Thank you so much Zeyla and Nancy. You both are amazing physical therapists that have truly helped me. Thank you!!! And Allison’s class was phenomenal. – Melody “Nani” Wood

Having fallen off my roof approximately 11 years ago, it was imperative to obtain physical therapy. My neighbor suggested Allison Suran. Since then, the help I have received at Healing Bridge has been invaluable to my well-being.

The care, concern and understanding of all the therapists and other personnel have been outstanding.

With much appreciation to all of you. – Myrna L. Freshwaters

Cured!! I can now chew and eat without jaw pain. What a relief! After a diagnosis, I was given a few simple exercises to do. All was explained to me very clearly by Zeyla and Annette. Everyone was very helpful. – Diana Delamarter

My walking feels much more stable and comfortable after my adjustments and exercises. – Rita Olin

When I first came to Healing Bridge I was in the worst back pain I’ve ever had. All my regular life activities, including basic household chores, let alone any of the sports normally done had came to a complete stop. It was like suddenly becoming an ill 90 year old instead of an active healthy 68 year old.

My life is mostly back to normal. I still re-tweak my SI joint/low back because of an accident or mostly because I unconciously forget to move as the practitioners at Healing Bridge have tried to teach me. – Jean Harkin

You were straight forward in my willingness to actually improve my condition. You were very thoughtful about my personal pricacy and comfort. Your explanations were complete. – Arlene Sollid

This has been one of the best physical therapy experiences I have had. Thank you. – Jan LaValle

For 2 1/2 months I was not able to walk very good – lots of pain. Went to my chiropractor. He referred me to my doctor & she sent me to a physiotherapist – no help!!!

I talked to the Lord and said “you will have to send someone to me”. I didn’t know what else to do.

Coming out of our Costco store, a lady tapped me on the shoulder and said she thought she could help me. So I went to see her where she worked, which is Healing Bridge Physical Therapy. She gave me exercises to do and I am now walking. I am thankful that God hears us when we talk to him. – Velma Heimbuch

When I came to Healing Bridge, I was moving slowly, with a cane wearing an incontinence pad and taking medication. I also received spinal decompression twice a week.

Zeyla & Susie were great with exercises for my ailments. I learned how to hang in the deep end of the pool, weights on ankles which releived my spine pain. Also bicycling in the deep during my hour in the pool three times a week helped.

I no longer have to wear an incontinence pad or take medication. I can also step lively without a cane.

This was the best experience I’ve had. I will be back to continue. – Lucy Rush

I had lower back pain and incontinence. The pain was steady. After just 1 week on therapy, I have very little to no back pain and my incontinence proble has significantly reduced. Thank you so much for your information and teaching me the techniques to continue to be successful. – Darlene Jianne

I was really advancing in regaining my sense of balance. I had to stop because of heart surgery but intend to return within a week or so! – D. W. Halligan

I have enjoyed meeting all involved and working with them. I believe they did help me and taught me how to control my limbs.

I have learned many things about my lower back & hip areas in the past few weeks. Exercise has taken hold of most of my discomforts. I am very grateful for all the wonderful help I have received and hope to make my life more flexible in my later years. – Evalyn Jacobs

I was in chronic pain due to abdominal surgery. After just a few visits the pain went away. I was able to stop wearing the abdominal brace and I was able to lay on my stomach. I am able to participate in yoga and stretch and I’m now working on strengthening exercises that Annette gave me. I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. – Sally Champa –

I was dealing with constant pain in neck and shoulder for over a year. Two months of physical therapy has given me substantial relief. I’ve learned exercises I can do to manage flare-ups. And I remember to breathe. – Toni Carter – Bend

“The care I have received at Healing Bridge has exceeded any expectations I had three months ago when I began the process of Physical Therapy. Each step along the way has revealed to me the power my own body possesses to learn and recover. The extraordinary experience the staff has utilized to guide me on my way is a treasure I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

I am grateful beyond words to have found a place like Healing Bridge. I have dubbed my sessions there “Brain Massage” because it’s not just my body that is healing but my soul as well.” – Joanna Johns –

I want to say how much I appreciate the whole of you as well as your individual parts. your ability to address the many levels of recover is helpful beyond words. The quality of your awareness is apparent in your way of knowing just what I needed in order to heal.

When I was laying in the Emergency Room, awaiting the verdict on my broken leg, I was looking for something to help me sustain a positive attitude. The first thing that came to mind was: “at least I will be able to go to Healing Bridge for therapy.”

I have been to you before and I knew how good it would feel. Now healing a broken leg you have reminded me that my body is still a whole being. you have helped me learn to walk again with grace and ease. You have addressed the physical and emotional as well as the spiritual needs of my healing. I appreciate your help.

I also realize I can come to your facility even when I feel healthy. We often need a bit of alignment to keep us healthy. I look forward to being a healthy client next time. Thank you.

Love, Eileen Lock

“Healing Bridge Physical Therapy and Feldenkrais have allowed me to focus on wellness, instead of illness. I realized how old patterns of movement and holding my body were actually making my neck and pain worse. It is comprehensive, interactive, dynamic and holistic. I was very impressed.” – Lisa Marr, MD –

“My journey with Allison, the Feldenkrais, and Healing Bridge began after several years of enduring muscle spasms in my back to due to hyperflexion or hypermobility. My physician at the time referred me to a physical therapy facility that utilized a traditional approach to my problem. This traditional approach emphasized isolated exercises for the muscles in my back in order to increase back strength. After months of treatment, not only did my pain not improve, the muscle spasms actually increased in both frequency and intensity.

A friend, who is a physical therapy assistant, suggested that I consult with Allison to investigate the Feldenkrais approach to care and wellness. I remember after that first session, wondering if this gentle approach would prove to be helpful. I am very pleased to report that my health has improved dramatically in regard to both the level of pain and the frequency of occurrences.

What I have learned during this journey is about bringing an awareness and intention to my complete wellness. I’ve increased my knowledge of body awareness and body movement as well learning the importance of an integrated intentional approach towards my health and well being. I now understand that there is a cognitive component to my health that I hadn’t been as aware of in the past.

Allison gave me the tools to monitor and maintain my state of health along with increasing the desire to expand my knowledge base. Now, I’ve made a personal commitment to myself to utilize the tools and knowledge I’ve gained to bring an active, integrated and intentional approach to my lifelong well being.”

– Carol Cooley-Reid –

Dear Friends at Healing Bridge-

When I came to you for help with my neck and shoulder problems, my goal was to come away with sets of exercises and stretches I could do to address the problems at home.

But you offered me so much more—a warm reception and friendly faces from the minute I stepped through the door, a program tailored for my particular needs (physical therapist, massage therapist, exercise advisor and Feldenkrais sessions and classes), and ongoing support and encouragement. I looked forward to each of my sessions, and now that I am on my own, I feel well equipped both with exercises and with a new attitude toward and awareness of how I move and how I can work to keep my body happy. Thanks to my therapist for identifying what was best for me (and arranging a financial plan that was a big help to me) and to each of you, angels all. Yours gratefully,

Judy Montgomery

I can’t thank you enough for all that you have done for me. The therapy was a huge success and you have taught me some life changes that I will continue to enforce-You are all just great!

Back in September I injured my back. This would make me two time “L5 loser”, and the thought of going from an active lifestyle to a period of surgery and prolonged recovery was not something I relished.

When the neurosurgeon suggested physical therapy as a first course of action, I had no idea what to expect. On the recommendation of one of the office staff, I contacted your office. Frankly, I didn’t know what I had gotten into. After all, here was a classic type A left-brain guy suddenly in an office with stars and sparkles, Zen waterfalls, and ethereal background music. But hey, if it would allow me to dodge back surgery, I was willing to try anything. It took a couple of visits for me to let go and trust the process and people.

The upshot is that I have nothing but positive things to say about the holistic approach of your office and the wonderful people that I worked with. I’m especially grateful to Nancy for her skills and patience. I very much appreciated the focus on education, self-help tools, and the look forward toward the activities that the individual will be involved in upon release. My therapist worked with me to review my entire gym and cycling regimen, suggesting alternative exercises that would be just as effective, yet more supportive of the lower back.

So just over three months later, I’m back in the gym, back on the bike (and still on the “ball”). When folks inquire as to my injury and recovery, I don’t hesitate to talk up Healing Bridge. You have some great people and a great approach. Keep it up.

Healing Bridge staff collaborated with me in my recovery from a two-year old running injury. To my surprise, this process was also a learning process. They helped me to become more aware of how my day-to-day movements and habits weren’t allowing my injury to heal. I learned to pay attention to how my body was responding to treatment and relate this back to them. The development of custom-tailored pain abatement technique provided much needed physical and emotional relief from chronic pain. The staff is trained in a wide array of leading-edge physical therapy methodologies. This allowed us to explore a variety of treatment options. All of this took place in their beautiful facility that came to feel like a peaceful sanctuary in which to heal.

Your name certainly lives up to your hospitality and caring warmth. You gave me and made me feel wanted, needed and accepted in a new world and recovering from a long and painful injury. The work was so beneficial and inspiring but the warmth and enhancement made that so meaningful. Thank you for one of the best days I’ve had.

Peggy has had regular therapy however, since she started therapy here at Healing Bridge we have noticed a marked improvement in her physical and mental condition. Peggy had a stroke in December of ’01 and had right side paralysis. With physical therapy ever since, this has been our best experience and she has shown the most improvement since coming here.

Dear Healing Bridge Staff, Thank you for a wonderful dinner at Pine Tavern. It was a nice surprise to learn I had won the drawing. I never win anything! My husband, Tony, was my chosen companion. We sat at a nice table for two overlooking the patio, had a great bottle of wine and a yummy meal. This wonderful evening was much appreciated.

Healing Bridge has been a wonderful experience for me. My therapist recommended exercises that quickly started to positively affect my pain. His empathy and assessment of my pain helped me to gain confidence from the outset that I had made the right choice.

Nancy took me the next step and helped me to convert my yoga to a ball and to add in other ball exercises that continued to build my confidence, while iontophoresis started to get at the core pain in my hip. Her deep tissue massage yielded wonderful results and she was so careful each step along the way to check in with me and make sure my privacy and feeling s were protected.

Allison’s work with Feldenkrais really has pulled all the concepts and ideas together so that now I think and move differently. She expresses caring and interest in every aspect of care I had needed. She suggested some pool work that also helped to pull the concepts together. I have attended a number of Awareness Through Movement workshops that reinforce the work that is done in appointments. These classes are available on a drop-in basis.

The front office staff is equally caring and I have appreciated their efficiency and professional demeanor. They all seem to support each other really well.

After I had my carpel tunnels repaired and realized my left hip was in pain I was still getting out of bed every night at least once, if not two or three times a night. As I have eliminated various sources of pain my sleep problem has improved. I would estimate at this point a 25% improvement in sleep due to being free of hip pain. I also recently obtained my sleep splint (mouthpiece) and although I am still waking up 3-4 times a night I am not getting out of bed and am falling back to sleep faster than before.

The pain I experience daily as a result of the reconstruction and arthritis in my right foot is best managed with attention to and choice activities. Thank you again for listening and helping me in this phase of my recovery.

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed taking Melanie Rosen’s yoga class and how much I appreciate it that you let her use your building. I had physical therapy at your office in the summer/autumn of 2000. The physical therapy I received was wonderful. However, after completing my physical therapy, I still wanted to do more for myself and continue to heal. I thought that a yoga class would be ideal, but local yoga classes that I attended are not geared towards people with back problems (too much bending). I was relieved to see that a class for people with sensitive backs was offered. In short, I felt that Melanie’s class empowered me to continue with my healing process in a healthy, non-intrusive way. Thank you!