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Too much sitting? Get comfy in the New Year!

- January, 2017


People with desk jobs are often challenged by too many hours of sitting (or standing) and not enough movement. Lack of movement can cause all kinds of body discomforts; Although back and neck pain are the most common, close seconds include shoulder, elbow and/or wrist pain from constant computer work. So what’s a poor desk-jockey to do?


First of all, make movement a priority. If you can alternate between sitting and standing, this is a great start. However, if that is not an option for you, find some way to change positions frequently. Sitting for long hours at a desk is a relatively new demand we place on our bodies, and not one that we evolved to do well. Our distant ancestors were hunting, gathering and taking care of their camp and the people in it. When they did engage in focused activities such as cooking, cleaning the hunt of the day or week, or sewing, they were probably squatting – NOT sitting in a chair and staring at a screen. Of course, movement includes regular exercise. The kind that YOU enjoy!


Take any chance you can to stand and do one or two simple stretches. Whether it’s reaching for the sky, the floor or the side, or making circles with your arms, your legs, your trunk, movement is always good! If you work from home, (more…)