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Calm Your Pain with JOY!

- December, 2016

During one of the big snow storms in the past few weeks I decided to cancel my Calm Your Pain class. It was disappointing as I had planned a theme based on JOY! So I’ve decided to share what we would have been doing for this class.


The Calm Your Pain classes have had various themes so far: Safety, Breathing, Habits, Spaciousness, and Gratitude. I chose JOY for the holiday season partly because I personally enjoy focusing on friendships, special hand-made gifts, uplifting holiday music, decorations, and the many opportunities the holidays offer to refocus our attention on what really matters. I also know that JOY can be difficult to experience when you are having constant pain. Studies have shown the brain exhibits seven times more activity with negative information than with positive so it is very important for people who experience persistent pain to learn to shift their attention to anything that brings joy, pleasure, happiness, a smile, laughter, etc. (more…)