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Gratitude 11/23/15

- November, 2015

As we head into the busy holiday season, there is much to be grateful for. As I reflect on 2015, my experience with hip surgery created an opportunity me to grow as a physical therapist. The unexpected changes that happen when running a small business also provide on-going oppoGratitudertunities for growth.

However, not every experience is initially met with excitement for this opportunity. In fact, when faced with challenges, my first response is often, “Oh no, not now!” Many transitions have occurred within my practice over the last several years, and there have been times where I’ve wondered how many more changes I can realistically deal with.

Yet, here I am, looking back at the growth, strength and resiliency that these changes have brought. Each time I’ve been confronted with an unexpected change, I have a choice. Do I wallow in “why me?” and become a victim of the challenges of running a business? (Especially one in our complex health system). Or, do I take a deep breath, settle into the moment, and allow myself to see things clearly.

For me, clear-seeing is realizing that I am surrounded by amazing people, employees and patients who (more…)