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Movement – For a long and healthy life! 8/29/15

- August, 2015

I’m 4+ months post hip surgery and thrilled with the outcome. We got to get away to the coast earlier this month (Gleneden Beach) and I was thrilled with what I was able to do. Unsure of how my hip would respond to the sand, I started with some short walks on the beach. These short walks progressed to longer and longer walks, an amazing and intense uphill hike towards Cascade Head in Neskowin, and eventually trying some pickle ball. Although my body was sore and stiff (normal for my age and previous inactivity) my hip did GREAT! I can’t express how thrilled and relieved I am!081515Gleneden-Beach-(Blog)

My mom was able to join us for a few days while we were there. Mom and I have a wonderful relationship. We thoroughly enjoy each others company and she’s been my life-long sounding board for all of the ups and downs that are a normal part of life. However, since PT school, I’ve been trying to encourage her to increase her physical activity level. She loves her garden, occasionally does Tai Chi and has attended some classes off and on at the Senior Center (she lives in Bend too!) and she is very conscientious about her diet. Unfortunately, she has never been able to prioritize her physical health.

I see this in many of my patients as well. We can get away with using our bodies for several decades without really attending to them. Yet as we age, if we don’t maintain some strength, flexibility and endurance, there is a point where (more…)