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3-Dimentional Walking-7/19/15

- July, 2015

I finally got to go out and challenge myself by walking on a trail a couple of weeks ago. I wouldn’t be so bold as to call it “hiking” quite yet, but it did add a whole new dimension to my rehab – as I had hoped it would!

Ali HikeKnowing that we are three-dimensional creatures with bodies designed for 3-D surfaces, I looked forward to this new opportunity to strengthen my hip in this very functional way. What I wasn’t expecting is all of the protective patterns my body created in order to protect me from injury.

Again and again, as I walked around rocks and roots, I would notice myself tensing unnecessarily. Fortunately I know enough about body awareness and self-listening that I was able to notice this tension and release it. I suspect that many people who have experienced pain and/or surgery end up unconsciously creating muscular tension in various parts of their body. I see this all of the time in the clinic: People who had an injury years ago, who still hold themselves away from the painful area, in order to avoid pain that may (or may not be) long gone.

For myself, I tend to hold myself tight in the ribs under my armpits, across my chest, with a coinciding restriction of my breath. As I walked, I would (more…)