Allison Suran, PT, GCFP, TPS

Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner, Founder and Director of

Healing Bridge Physical Therapy

Even before college, Allison, the owner of Healing Bridge Physical Therapy, had a dream. A big dream. She realized early on that many physical problems have a mental and emotional component and was determined to explore and understand this mind-body connection, as well as the healing process. So she wanted to blend the best of traditional medicine with the emerging holistic and integrative ways of helping people with a team of unparalleled specialists.

Since earning her degree in physical therapy in 1987, Allison’s own passion and expertise has revolved around caring for the chronic pain population. She completed her four-year training program to become a Feldenkrais® Practitioner in 1996 and began full-time practice two years later. The Feldenkrais Method offered Allison, who had been a student of meditation since age 9, the perfect combination of movement with mindfulness. Since then she has continued to pursue her interests in all aspects of personal growth, including holistic/integrative medicine, mindfulness, positive psychology, and understanding sleep (which is a huge issue for folks in chronic pain).

These days, Allison—a wife and mother of two who loves to ski even if she can’t keep up with her sons—lives her lifelong passion for helping people. She helps people in pain who have found no relief anywhere else and often feel abandoned by the medical community. To that end, she is currently developing an eight-week chronic pain program to help people make the life changes necessary to alleviate their suffering.

Community involvement is also a priority for Allison. “I love our Central Oregon community and am grateful to have a business that allows me to support its health in small but meaningful ways,” she says. “To that end I am helping organize and start the Central Oregon Chapter of the Pain Society of Oregon, which is also part of the Western Pain Society. We continue to spend more and more money on expensive medicine and interventions with little to no improvement in the statistics of the number of people suffering with chronic pain. Bringing the healthcare community together to continue our education and team approach to helping these folks will hopefully help them get the best care for their individual circumstance.”

The bottom line? Allison is living her dream by offering Central Oregonians the best in orthopedic medicine with the mind and spirit component that’s so critical to healing.

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