Wellness Concept


From the Healing Bridge Physical Therapy

November 2010 Wellness Notes

By Nancy Hartung, BS, PTA


Winter is upon us, we may find ourselves burrowing in and slowing down. For some, this is a welcome experience, for others it may create limitations. Whatever the experience, it still offers a unique back drop by which we can reflect on the notion of gratitude. Appreciation can be acknowledged for those who offer support and love in our lives. We can look for and find the small, but important bits of joy given to us daily. The smile of a store clerk, the kind word offered by a friend, the wonder of snow.

It is not difficult to warm our hearts and souls with gratefulness. In so doing, we offer that warmth to those we encounter daily. A grateful heart cannot be masked by discontent or negativity. The joy of appreciation is like a light in the darkness. It cannot be ignored; and who does not appreciate it?

The latest neuroscience research gives evidence to actual physiological effects of gratitude and appreciation. So much so, that it is used as one of the strategies to minimize pain and or depression. Clients are asked to create a daily gratitude list.

Once a person begins this practice it becomes easier and easier to live in joy and gratitude. It is best to find a certain time each day, (usually upon awakening or before bedtime) to create the list. It is not hard to find five or ten things a day to reflect upon.

Our blessings are many; it takes no effort to appreciate the little things as well as the obvious. Give yourself the gift of gratitude and you will know pleasure.

We at Healing Bridge Physical Therapy are grateful for the opportunity to help our clients. We wish each of you the joy of Thanksgiving.