Dreams Do Come True

Summer 2001

Dreams Do Come True

By Allison Suran, PT

With the publication of our first newsletter, Healing Bridge Physical Therapy has much to celebrate. A 19 year old dream continues to unfold and the next phase is our new clinic, being built right now on NE 4th and Penn. Our new location has ample space for you to receive treatments, an area for exercise, stretching, Feldenkrais, and other movement classes, and an in-ground exercise pool!

As I reflect over the past 19 years, and the many lessons I’ve learned, I am amazed at the unfolding of this dream. Becoming certified as a Feldenkrais practitioner, learning complimentary healing methods, and continuously upgrading my traditional physical therapy techniques has kept me quite busy. Additionally, I’ve studied scores of books on physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness, incorporating the information into my practice. Since I’m proof that dreams really do come true, I’d like to share some insights I’ve learned:

Follow your passion. Take time to discover what you really enjoy. Then follow it with all your heart.

Allow for inspiration; it comes from something greater than yourself.

Never give up; but do be willing to completely let go; your dream may unfold in ways you could never have imagined.

Welcome all challenges and obstacles; be willing to grow, learn and change.

Find Balance; discern between the activities that keep you in busy pursuit of your dreams, while leaving time to nurture your soul, your family and other interests.

Trust the “down” times. When you feel blue, tired or discouraged, give yourself permission to rest and be kind to yourself. All dreams have a season.

Receive Support. Cultivate close friends and/or support groups that really listen, support you, and acknowledge your pain and struggle without having to fix you.

Take Notes; write down your dreams and the steps you will to take to reach them.

Appreciate your dreams for what they are. Dreams come in all shapes and sizes. Some people have plans for changing the world, but yours may keep you closer to home and family. No dream is unimportant or too small.

Recognize Choice: in all situations you have two choices: focus on the negative circumstances, or lift yourself above the crowd and focus on the positive.

Give Thanks. Appreciation for all that you do have is the best way to affirm your blessings and open yourself up to noticing further possibilities in your life.

Surround yourself with great people. I could write an entire additional article about the terrific people who have participated in the unfolding of my dream. Let me introduce you to just a few.

My husband, Scott, who helps make all things possible, especially an enriching family life.

Our whole staff has shown such dedication, confidence, teamwork, and support for our growth. Without them, this dream could not have manifested.

Bill Whitford of North Plateau Construction has worked diligently on this project since last September and his commitment, enthusiasm, and skill has provided us with the opportunity for this ideal location and incredible clinic space that is unfolding. I could go on and on, there are so many people to thank!

If you have a dream, I support you and wish you well. If your dream happens to include improving your health and peace of mind, the entire staff at Healing Bridge, and myself, are excited to assist you.