What is Theraputic Exercise?

Therapeutic exercise can be divided into four types:

1) Strength 3) Flexibility

2) Endurance/Cardiovascular fitness 4) Relaxation/well-being.

When you think of exercise, it may conjure ideas of over exertion, sore muscles, or just plain discomfort. This is a mythical concept and is never the desired outcome at Healing Bridge Physical Therapy. Physical therapy exercise is utilized to address issues of pain, restrictions, or functional limitations. We call it Therapeutic Exercise. Through the evaluation process, your therapist helps you identify any impairments or pain patterns associated with your diagnosis. Therapeutic Exercise can be implemented to address any issues or impairments of strength, balance, endurance, mobility, posture, movement, pain, performance, inefficiency, in stability, or breathing patterns.

Exercise for strengthening purposes may include an individualize home exercise program, weight resistive exercise with such equipment as Theraband, Free weights, a pulley system or a more sophisticated system call the Total gym. Also, the well-known Gym ball or therapy ball offers many ways to accomplish strengthening. Endurance/Cardiovascular exercise is not only beneficial to the heart but also to the injuries of soft tissue and joints because of the increased blood flow to these areas. Typically, an upright bike, recumbent bike or treadmill works well. Flexibility can be restored and maintained with appropriate stretching exercises and instruction in proper techniques. Relaxation and well-being can be a result of exercise. Exercise is known to reduce stress, increase ability to relax and improve sleep.

At Healing Bridge, we work with you to identify and prioritize your physical therapy goals. Your exercise program is designed with you to help reduce your pain and/or impairment and to enhance your daily function. Your program will be appropriate and relevant to your goals and your daily life. We are committed to offering the most appropriate exercise program for you that prioritizes any functional problems and best conforms to your lifestyle.

We offer only one on one exercise instruction and tailor it to best meet your learning style and life style. We want to provide a clear and concise program that will offer optimal functional outcome for you. We want you to understand the process and be able to comfortably participate. Your independence and self-management of your program is the ultimate goal. You will be given a written home program to help you with this. WE will offer training and/or education to family members or friends to provide support appropriate to assist you. We will monitor and modify your therapeutic exercise program as you progress.

We can progress you to community-based programs and resources that can meet as you become independent with you program and no longer require specific physical therapy services.

Our goal with therapeutic exercise as an intervention and prevention is to implement and utilize exercise as a means to reduce your discomfort and optimize your mobility. It is always tailored to you individually and designed to promote your compliance and participation for the very best outcome for you.