Health Benefits of Exercise

From the Healing Bridge Physical Therapy

Fall 2001 Newsletter

By Annette Cyr, PTA

There’s a lot of evidence supporting exercise as both preventative and therapeutic. Benefits include:

• Decreased potential for heart disease by increasing coronary blood flow, promoting better circulation and decreasing blood pressure.

• Increased total blood volume, viscosity and improved blood chemistry balance.

• Decreasing the concentration of fats in the blood. Cholesterol and triglyceride levels are a predisposing factor to heart disease.

• Increased overall relaxation and decreased anxiety and tension.

• Improved lung volume (static and residual), vital capacity and increased strength and endurance of respiratory muscles.

• Positive effects on bones, joints and connective tissue. Loading of the bones is necessary for bone metabolism and density, and for strength of the ligament and muscle tissue.

• Improved mood and a more positive attitude and emotional outlook are additional benefits of regular exercise.

When done wisely, with good supervision and pacing, exercise in any form will add value to the quality of your life both physically and emotionally.