Incorporate Pauses into Your Day

Incorporate Pauses into Your Day

From the Healing Bridge Physical Therapy

Spring 2007 Wellness Notes

By Allison Suran


Wellness Concept

So many of us just go, Go, GO, with little time to stop and enjoy. It is amazing the physiological effects of finding a moment to pause, to breathe, to give thanks for all that you have. Often when we think of self care, we think of finding and extra 30 or 60 minutes to exercise, stretch, do yoga or Feldenkrais, or whatever we think we “need” for a healthier body. However, the affects of a few simple pauses can be outstanding.

Here are some ways you can incorporate pauses in your day:

• When you go to the restroom during the day, take 15-30 extra seconds while your washing your hands, to imagine the water washing away ALL of the stress built up thus far, while you take 2-3 intentional full inhales and exhales.

• When you are getting into, or out of your car, pause for a moment, and take 2-3 intentional full breaths. Let the seat fully support your buttocks and back. Let yourself be reminded that whatever comes at you in life, there is ultimately support for you.

• Mute the commercials on your TV, and pause, breathe, enjoy the warmth of your home, your full belly, your friends and family.

• Stop lights are perfect mini-moments of relaxation. Rather than always trying to will the light to change or traffic to move faster, learn to accept where you are and relax into the moment.

Your Body will thank you, your family will thank you, and you will discover less stress, better sleep, and more energy for the things you want to do in life.