Tips for Headache, Shoulder Pain, Neck Pain Relief


10 Tips for Headache Relief:

• Use good posture with proper chair support.

• Avoid “forward head” posture while working at the computer or driving.

• Alleviate or minimize eye strain. (If you’re needing to focus a lot, take mini eye-breaks by gazing into the distance to relax your eyes.

• Drink lots of water to maintain good hydration.

• Avoid or minimize alcohol and caffeine intake.

• Let your jaw be “slack.” (avoid clenching teeth)

• Stop banging your head against the wall.

• Avoid “trigger” foods – you probably know what they are – except chocolate. (just kidding!)

• Get enough sleep, rest when you need.

• Practice deep breathing.


10 Tips for Shoulder Pain Relief

• Avoid slumped posture position-especially during activity using hands or arms

• Strengthen your upper back and posture muscles by gently pulling your shoulder blades down and together

• Gently stretch your shoulders with overhead reaches

• Maintain arm and shoulder strength with a gentle resistive exercise program

• Avoid activity and positions that cause shoulder pain: seek advice for movement and exercise if pain is present

• Use cold packs for 10 minutes or heat pack for 20 minutes if pain is present (try ice first if you can tolerate it)

• Avoid cheering and waving your arms wildly at sports or spectator events

• Avoid participating in carnival prize winning throwing games or dunk tanks

• Sleep with a pillow to rest your arm on when in side-lying position

• If it hurts don’t do it—seriously!


10 Tips for Neck Pain Relief:

• Find neutral posture position, take deep slow breaths

• Allow your shoulders to drop gently down-away from

your ears

• Try gentle chin tucks to stretch the back of your neck

• In good posture, gently turn head side to side for

gentle stretch

• Avoid sudden or fast head movement – move gently

• Do not sleep with more then one pillow

• Try a cervical roll or pillow at night for added neck support

• Avoid prolonged baths, reading in bed or other activities that puts your neck in the “forward head” position

• Avoid sitting in the middle seats for ping pong or tennis matches (that’s a joke!)

• Use heat for 20 minutes or cold packs for 10 minutes to decrease discomfort and muscle tightness.