Necessity is the Mother of Invention 05/15/2015

May, 2015

I’m not sure if it was my last blog, or maybe my husband just got tired of hearing me whine. But either way, I’m thrilled that he finally discovered the answer to my sore hands. Pipe Insulation!

I’ve had a few recommendations. The most common is wrapping the hand-holds with towels or washcloths. Which, of course I tried, and our towels just mashed down and the relief was minimal at best. I’ve also tried biking gloves, but the padding falls in the middle of the palm of the hand, and my soreness is at the heel part (lower down).BlogPhoto051415a

But when Scott came home and cut off a short piece of pipe insulation for both my crutches and walker, I was elated! Finally, something that really provides some excellent cushion for my poor little hands – which I highly value because of the work that I do (or will be doing as soon as I get to return to work next month 🙂 ).

I did hear from my sister-in-law yesterday that there is also a cushioned cork-like wrap that is used for bicycle handles. So there are options. I just wish I knew about them 4 weeks ago. I can’t wait to tell my doctor in hopes that more people are spared the palm-pain. Ah, if all pains could be alleviated so easily!

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