Allison Suran, PT, GCFP, TPS

Allison Suran, PT, GCFP, TPS

Therapeutic Pain Specialist

Guild Certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner since 1996


Allison has been engaged in researching and understanding traditional and holistic approaches to patient care and personal growth for over 30 years. Prior to becoming a licensed physical therapist Allison was already engaged in studying non-traditional approaches to helping people heal. Her vision has always been to bridge the best of both worlds – implementing evidence based care which incorporates her understanding of research in the holistic, psychological and medical fields.


She specializes in helping people with chronic pain utilizing:

  • The Feldenkrais® Method of Movement Re-Education
  • Pain Neuroscience Education (PNE)
  • Mindfulness Education
  • Modified activity and exercise support
  • Pacing and Graded Exposure to tolerate activity without flare-ups
  • Relaxation and Breathing practices for nervous system regulation
  • Personalized coaching to help you manage your unique environment and challenges
  • Holistic approaches to treat each unique and whole individual


Patients who work with Allison are asked to participate by engaging in a unique kind of “homework”. Allison wants to help teach you how to improve your movement without increasing your pain. This may mean being able to keep up with your regular household tasks, shopping and errands. It also includes incorporating regular health activities such as walking or simple home exercises that you can do without increasing your pain. She will also prescribe various Feldenkrais, mindfulness or relaxation types of practices that she offers on CD’s she has created, so you can retrain your brain to be less reactive to your pain experience.


Allison’s patients have often had extensive physical therapy and other pain interventions in the past. Some of these have helped, but only to a point. Others have caused increased pain. Allison’s approach is unlike any PT you’ve experienced in the past as she supports each person’s unique experience with an open mind and compassion for the challenges of the chronic pain journey.


Allison’s schedule will be limited over the summer and she may not be able to accept new patients until the fall of 2018 or later. If you feel you are a good candidate for a different kind of physical therapy approach, please call the office. We will put you on her wait list and keep you informed of her availability.