People getting Therapy


Healing Bridge Physical Therapy

was established in 1998 with a dream to create a unique healing environment. What sets Healing Bridge apart from the rest?

  • Our team of specialists
  • Our multiple, integrated techniques, including a warm, salt-water pool
  • Our ability to help you achieve optimal recovery and well-being through our different and varied areas of expertise

There isn’t just one way to do physical therapy; the array of approaches is vast. But no one therapist can excel in every intervention and treatment. By having a team of specialists—all with different tools, skills, passions, interests and personalities—we can always find you the best individualized custom match.  Determining the Best Physical Therapy Treatment for YOU!

We work closely with both you and your physician during your entire physical therapy and rehabilitation process. After your detailed evaluation, your therapist will discuss the treatment options that fit your lifestyle, goals and expectations. What’s most unique is that none of us uses a hammer and nail approach. There is no one general recipe for back pain, for example. The recipe changes with each person.

As we get to know more about your symptoms, activities, lifestyle, and history, we can begin to customize a plan that will guide you back to health. For some, that plan may be include hands-on treatments and a very specific exercise program. Others may need to change posture and activities, or may be in need of pelvic or vertebral alignment through manual techniques. Still others may have tried all of these things and be ready to change their whole patterns of movement with the Feldenkrais method. And of course, most folks get some kind of combination of these things along with some relaxation training to boot.

At Healing Bridge we emphasize the body, but we don’t disregard the mind or the spirit. To this end, the clinic was designed with Feng Shui principles and private treatment rooms to make it a comforting, safe, and relaxing experience from the moment you walk through the door. We want you to feel at home as our clinicians take the time to really listen to you about your health and well being.

"Life is not about perfection, it is about progression."